Issue 10
France x Los Angeles
Fall 2013
96 pages in color
Letter US

Editor’s Letter

With this issue of PARIS, LA we are celebrating an anniversary: It’s our 10th issue! For this special occasion we decided to dedicate the issue to the city of Los Angeles.

In this context we’ve invited the French and the Americans, people greatly involved in today’s culture, to play around with the verbatim idea of PARIS, LA. As you will see, the result is not a straight line. As Sylvère Lotringer, the publisher of Semiotext(e), says: Los Angeles is “a city which is built on a hundred faults.” In other words, a dangerous place to live, while at the same time a motor that contributes to movement and change.

In Los Angeles the landscape is so overwhelming that it opens you to new contingencies. The American artist Jennifer West literally uses the landscape–dirt, saltwater, flowers and sand–as material to create her films. Landscape in her work becomes a tool, outside any representation, to alter the films and create new psychedelic images.

But Los Angeles is not only a city built on moving sand–it is a city of moving images. The eccentric work of the French artist Neil Beloufa, powdered with touches of surrealism, finds echoes in the images this city projects of itself. The collective Public Fiction likewise blurs the lines between graphic design and art, and finally manages to elude categorization. Maybe Los Angeles is a place where you don’t have to put a name on what it is you do.

It’s not a question of momentum here, but it is about how you live your life. People don’t need validation from others, people validate themselves. In Los Angeles you can live your individuality to the limit–it’s a place where a house becomes an art form, as in the work of the artist Jorge Pardo.

Above all, Los Angeles is not a trendy place, but a city that sharply carries the image of a place to dream a life. And like a mirror, it is only visible as a reflection.

Dorothée Perret
Los Angeles, August 2014



Jennifer West: Mind and Matter
By Martha Kirszenbaum

Portfolio Ceci n’est pas…
By Sébastien Paquet

Celui qu’elle espérait
By Neil Beloufa

How To Build a House
Jorge Pardo in conversation with Oscar Tuazon

Lost in Los Angeles
By Andrew Berardini

A Cento
By Public Fiction

The Importance of Being Unfinished
Sylvère Lotringer in conversation with Dorothée Perret

Michael Jackson Estates, 2013. By Pentti Monkkonen

Chanel Winter 2013 Ad Campaign Remix by PFL